Workshop on Dependability of E-Commerce Systems
  This workshop on dependability brings together technical insight of top researchers with business perspectives from companies that are leaders in electronic commerce and drive significant volumes of business over theInternet. Attendees are researchers, product designers, and IT architects.The day's activities provide a mixture of talks on key issues with an interactive panel session by those who are actively operating major e-business systems. There will also be a presentation of papers addressing prototype e-commerce systems.

The panel is designed to engage the creators of the technology, the users of the technology, and researchers in a fruitful discussion about key issues that must be addressed in the 21st century.

A workshop on practical real life, high value, high integrity, continuously available e-business systems. These systems present new challenges and new opportunities for delivering around-the-clock uptime. They are distributed and heterogeneous but each component is more likely to be dedicated to a single application and much of the workload is read-only.

Like all high availability systems, they must be designed to cope with hardware and software failures. In addition, configuration changes and software updates need to be performed while applications remain operational. Workload demands are unpredictable with high peak to average ratios, introducing opportunities for exploiting normally idle capacity as part of the high availability solution. In addition, as technology costs decline and complexity increases, the management of these systems becomes a critical aspect of them.


Lisa Spainhower
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Nicholas Bowen
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Steven Hunter

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Program Committee

Patrick, John R. (Attitute LLC)
Siegel, Eric (Keynote Systems)
Hunter, Steven (IBM)
Hutzler,Carl (America Online)
Feldman, Stu (IBM)
Kerner, Matthew M. (Microsoft)